Xaakt Urenayen



Racial Stats

Use Alchemist stats for class


Works at the local tavern

Dantise (half orc/half drow)

People don’t want to trust him cuz they’re racist

House is directly connected to tavern

Been living in Storm Wind for only 5 years

Before that, he lived with his father and two older brothers in an Eragrad (orc city) to the South. Was raised with those ideals in mind but he’s not as strong as most Orcs. He would get frequently scarred up trying to spar with them. He eventually used his mind (not his brawn lol) and started expirementing with various potions/poisons to get the upper hand.

If he doesn’t like a guy, he’ll poison his drink out of spite

Romanced by Prince Apricot

Xaakt Urenayen

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